ROBOTTECA and the NAO robot create a powerful new dimension by augmenting and uplifting multiple disciplines to a new era, one that is transformational and engaging to children, caregivers and teachers alike. This is made possible and available today thanks to the researchers and developers from around the world who have collaborated with us to offer the power of socially assistive robots in the solutions we feature. 


ROBOTTECA provides the leading suite of socially assistive robot behavior solutions, and sales and support of the NAO and OHMNI Robots

Solutions may be purchased as a pre-installed, ready to go package or as individual products.

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Socially Assistive Robots for autism Intervention

ChartaCloud|Robotteca collaborates with leading researchers and developers from around the world in this new and exciting field of applied research driven by the expanding power of the human-robot interface developments.

Children are drawn to the robot and most engage with enthusiasm. Positive results are being achieved.

Progress can be measured.


We know that each child is unique. We have also learned that each child seeks to be inspired to be who they are.

Socially Assistive Robots for Pediatric Hospitals



Robotic technology for pediatric healthcare has taken an exciting leap forward.

Robots can now serve as a pediatric pain coach, educator, and friend.


Clinically proven to reduce a child's pain by up to 50% during medical procedures, the NAO robot is powered by specialized applications designed by a leading expert in the use of robotic-based cognitive behavioral interactions that help distract and engage children during medical procedures. 


As a socially assistive robot in pediatric hospitals, NAO can bring comfort to children during hospital stays, engage in therapy sessions, and more.

Plus, NAO is available in over 19 different languages!


Hospitals and clinics can be a very scary place, especially for a child. Hospitals may be a place of healing, but to a child hospitals mean needles, strangers in uniforms, mysterious equipment, boring wait times and not feeling well. Socially Assistive Robots in Pediatric Hospitals make it all less frightening.  

Socially Assistive Robots for Libraries

Libraries have long been a source of knowledge, community engagement, community pride and of course, books, magazines, newspapers and digital media. Now libraries can also position themselves with a proven innovative engine for increasing visitor traffic and event participation.

The ChartaCloud Robotteca Library Program provides a comprehensive set of tools to be used to enhance the interface to your library's printed and recorded treasures via robot interaction and through robot-centric events and educational programs for all ages.

Socially Assistive Robots for Special Needs Education

Perhaps nowhere else is trans-formative technology more needed than in the 21st Century Classroom.

The need to prepare children for the constantly expanding disciplines of STEM is clearly understood.


However, the realities facing today's classrooms go beyond matters of teacher proficiency and educational effectiveness. The special needs aspect of inclusiveness, preparing and helping children with special needs creates a significant demand for 'in-classroom' engagement.


There is also the challenge of meeting the needs of those children that cannot always attend the classroom due to illnesses, illnesses short or long, that does not enable them to go to school. Here we see first hand the power of virtual attendance via socially assisted robotics.


Opening the pathway to learning via multi-student, collaborative engagement that includes those with special needs creates a social construct that benefits everyone.

Socially Assistive Robots for Elder Care

Socially assistive robots are ideal for senior living communities and skilled nursing facilities. NAO is already bringing comfort, companionship, and entertainment to nursing homes and assisted living facilities

in over 300 communities around the world.  

From social facilitation to companionship offering exercise, dance, quizzes and information resources, NAO is an ideal addition to the life style and engagement activities found in the new era of elder care.


ChartaCloud Robotics LLC also offers and is located in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA. NAO is a product of SoftBank Robotics.

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