Our Mission: Continuously search the world for the most advanced socially assistive robot solutions and make them readily available to clinicians, therapists, teachers, researchers, and parents.

We are committed to being more than just robots. We offer extensive, experienced-based solutions supported by comprehensive support services for adoption, training and vision realization.

I have searched the world for more than four years for the most advanced socially assisted robot applications for use in autism interventions, pediatric hospitals, social skills development, assisted daily living, elder care and the needs of special education. Driven by more than 47 years of technology experience, a truly global network of the most advanced developers has now been created and has come together, committed to this new era of powerful and easy to use solutions in socially assistive robotics.

- - Michael Radice, Chairman, Technology Advisory Board, ChartaCloud.

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New Era of Social Robotics

ChartaCloud|Robotecca is the Annual Host and Sponsor of the NAO Robot User and Developer Congress

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Located in the U.S. in New Hampshire, just north of Boston, we are an applied resource center. ChartaCloud Robotics is dedicated to advancing the use of socially assisted robots in autism, pediatric hospitals, special needs education, and elder care.


We are the world's leading provider of software used in robot-mediated behavior interventions.


We are also the annual sponsor and organizer of symposiums and workshops that bring together leading researchers, clinicians, and special education and health care professionals to discuss the paths forward that are needed to advance the use of socially assisted robots in autism therapies.


Multiple University studies have attested to the potential impact of robot-mediated behavior intervention. It is our mission to transform that research into a life-changing reality.


ChartaCloud Robotics LLC also offers www.robotteca.com and is located in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA. NAO is a product of SoftBank Robotics.

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