askNAO for autism Behavior Intervention

askNAO is a robot behavior software application designed and developed for use in Robot-mediated Behavior Intervention in autism. askNAO software controls and operates the robot from a computer tablet. Children interact with the robot via the tablet playing games, doing quizzes, identifying objects for example.


askNAO contains more the 20 autism related functions with progress tracking and is ideal for developing a child’s skills in identifying colors, choosing emotions, and finding objects. The included dances and stories and exercise routines target motor skills engagement.


Heavily based on the research findings of multiple Universities, askNAO is easy to use and engaging. When used in combination with the physical robot a powerful dimension of not only engagement but enthusiasm is created.

askNAO, one of the most innovative software applications for the NAO robot, has now been brought forward to new life by ERM Robotique and… we are excited to bring the askNAO Tablet to NAO robot users in the North American market.


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