Socially Assistive Robots for Elder Care

Today NAO performs important roles for socially assistive robots in assisted living and elder care. It offers affective therapy to improve the general mood and well-being of the subject. Overcoming particular periods of mood disturbance is a popular role of NAO in assisted living facilities. The use of NAO with ZORA is popular in cognitive therapy targeted to improve cognitive function and  memory.  Perhaps, most importantly, NAO's role in social facilitation and companionship is a powerful tool for overcoming loneliness and social isolation.


Another major advancement in Socially Assistive Robots for Elder Care is the OHMNI telepresence robot.  

In just One Click, it provides the link between the elderly and their families and caregivers. .

ZORA for Elder Care and Skilled Nursing Facilities

ZORA powered NAO robots are bringing comfort, companionship, and entertainment to nursing homes and assisted living facilities in over 300 communities around the world. This powerful software allows non-technical personnel to develop and run routines on NAO that are engaging and therapeutic for use in assisted living facilities. From communicating activities to helping with exercise classes,

ZORA makes it easy to personalize the elderly care experience. 

OHMNI Robot for Elder Care

Discover the security and comfort of instantly ‘being there’ with those you care for - in just One Click.

“PURE SIMPLICITY” is the definition of this socially assistive robot. The OHMNI robot brings people together. The robot enables shared experiences that are delightful, engaging and spontaneous. OHMNI's state-of-the-art easy to use robot technology provides an unprecedented emotional connection while allowing for interaction in a way that no existing tool can match.

Log in to your special website and you will find your personal robot. Click to call. No one needs to answer on the other side. The robot announces your arrival so the person on the other side knows you're there. You drive the robot around remotely by easily using the arrow keys, mouse or touchpad. Roll up to the kitchen or dinner table, or over to the sofa. Join in with whatever is going on.

HIPPA compliant OHMNI assures privacy and will reduce the debilitating impact of loneliness, isolation and depression.

Providing assisted daily living care and oversight, health professionals are enabled to do a remote home visit without time delays and traveling or remote caregivers can maintain a connection presence.

OHMNI in Elderly Care

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