Socially Assistive Robots for Libraries

“Libraries are fast becoming recognized leaders in the adoption of technologies integral to their mission and to the provision of community programs that enhances community engagement, ‘makerspace' initiatives, digital literacy and competency.”

-M.D. Radice, Chairman Technology Advisory, ChartaCloud

Libraries in the Digital Era

Libraries have long been a source of knowledge, community engagement, community pride and of course, books, magazines, newspapers and digital media. There are over 120,000 libraries serving communities. Recent advances in digital media technology access have challenged libraries as a primary source when seeking information and knowledge contained in printed materials. With this transformation libraries have well recognized the need to rise to that challenge by integrating advances of modern technologies that revitalizes the persona and brand image of the library to that of a new age institution, one that provides their communities with modern, vital and expedient resources for access to knowledge and information discovery, learning and innovation.

As the Wall Street Journal Has Reported:

“Coming Soon to the Library: Humanoid Robots”

Innovations in technology and concepts for conducting programs of engagement at libraries have brought together robots and artificial intelligence (AI) systems. These systems enhance the ‘interface’ to your library’s printed and recorded treasures via robot interaction and through robot-centric events and educational programs for all ages.

Libraries can now also position themselves as a go-to-resource working with local schools and their STEM education programs and for providing special programs to enhance learning and social skills development for children, especially children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.

The Robotteca Library Program: 

An Innovative Engine for Building Library Visits

Want increased member traffic? Want newsworthy community relevance? Adding the NAO Robot using the Robotteca Library Program to your library’s resources will produce amazing increases in member and community participation. Libraries consistently report sustaining increases of visitor traffic and in event participation.

Example Library Programs in use:

Robotics programming classes

Storytelling programs

AI (artificial intelligence) interfaces to searchable library resources

Language Training

autism behavior interventions

Motor Skills Development for Children and Elders

Game session and quizzes

Performing arts and entertainment programs

Special Educational Event Programs

Library 'Ambassador' and Fundraising Events

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