MEDi for Pediatric Hospitals

MEDi is a Proven Hero in Hospitals



MEDi includes a library of assisted medical care applications. MEDi's robot behaviors attract the child's attention and coach and support them with research based cognitive-behavioral interventions, and are sequenced to work at the right pace. 


Applications are customized to ensure that MEDi is appropriate for every situation.  These applications are available in English and Spanish. There are over twenty existing applications including:


  • Blood tests

  • Dressing changes

  • Oxygen tube insertion

  • Catheter insertion/removal

  • EEG

  • IV Start/Removal

  • Swallow study

  • Vaccinations


MEDi also performs entertaining activities to reduce anxiety levels in children and even their parents. MEDi sings, dances, tells stories, and plays games - all of which are intended to help reduce the anxiety that precedes a pending procedure.

A sample of hospitals using MEDi today

Child Life, Alberta Children's Hospital


“A 5 year-old refused to get out of bed and was getting bed sores and rashes.  She did agree to play with MEDi on the floor.  This allowed staff to change the bedding and set it up properly.  She even forgot about her tubes and moved her arms and body.  It was like magic.”  

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