Socially Assistive Robots for autism Intervention

What is robot-mediated behavior intervention?  It is the use of the robot as a intermediary for the teaching of social skills, motor skills and daily living concepts.


The NAO robot has proven, unique qualities and is extremely well-adapted to serve as a socially assistive robot for autism intervention. NAO is engaging, predictable, tireless, but also multi-interactive. The humanoid technological interface naturally attracts children. It helps to create communication bridges between the child and the people around them. The NAO robot is easy for a child to interpret helping to reduce a child's anxiety and minimize the risks of over-stimulation.


With 1 in 59 children impacted by autism, we continue to advance the positive gains being made by robot-mediated behavior intervention with the NAO robot. Socially assistive robots have demonstrated great promise and potential in the domain of robot-mediated behavior intervention for autism in multiple university-based clinical research and in actual use in practice. The capacity of robots to provide improvements in the quality of the lives of children diagnosed on the spectrum and those with special education needs has been demonstrated and documented. 


Socially assistive robots are only beginning to be adopted as a vital new resource in serving the needs of children with autism and their therapists, special education teachers, speech therapists, teachers, parents, and caregivers. The growing awareness of and the expanding demand for early interventions makes the use of social robotics in autism therapy particularly beneficial with robotic based interventions, goal tracking and measurement systems that can advance the social and learning skills of children with autism by helping them achieve a more confident, comfortable and secure position not only as a child but as an adult.

askNAO for autism Behavior Intervention


askNAO is a robot behavior software application designed and developed for use in Robot-mediated Behavior Intervention in autism. askNAO software controls and operates the robot from a computer tablet. Children interact with the robot via the tablet playing games, doing quizzes, identifying objects for example.  askNAO contains more the 20 autism related functions with progress tracking and is ideal for developing a child’s skills in identifying colors, choosing emotions, and finding objects. The included dances and stories and exercise routines target motor skills engagement.  Heavily based on the research findings of multiple Universities, askNAO is easy to use and engaging. When used in combination with the physical robot a powerful dimension of not only engagement but enthusiasm is created.


askNAO, one of the most innovative software applications for the NAO robot, has now been brought forward to new life by ERM Robotique and… we are excited to bring the askNAO Tablet to NAO robot users in the North American market. Android tablets may be purchased separately. Special Tablet offers can be found at

MOVIA for NAO in Autism Interventions

The MOVIA software solution for NAO offers state of the art interventions that assist children and adults who have been diagnosed on the autism spectrum.  MOVIA software provides interactive lessons that help children and adults engage in educational and social activities and advance their daily living skills.

Through research and implementation, MOVIA has developed hundreds of ABA therapies and curriculums dedicated to increasing social communication, behavioral, and academic skills.


MOVIA was created to enable children with special needs and special abilities to reach their full potential in life. 


The MOVIA system increases the effectiveness and retention of therapies and interventions through high levels of engagement. 


MOVIA is low cost and easy to use.

TN ActiveCare for autism Practice Management

TN ActiveCare combines robot-mediated behavior intervention with robust autism practice management, case management, child progress management, session video annotation, and parental communications. This integrated, collaborative tablet-based practice management software is ideal for managing comprehensive short and long term goal setting, reporting, and patient progress data analytics in autism therapy management planning and delivery.

Socially Assistive Robots in autism Videos

From Karen Simmons, CEO and Founder of Autism Today 

Dear Newsletter Readers, 

Maybe once a year I run across something that is truly unique and possibly lifechanging. Robots from ChartaCloud, are just exactly that. 

It is now possible to practically embrace the new frontiers that robot-based technology offers - to provide more than hope - provide, transformative, life changing results. 

What is Robot-mediated Behavior Intervention? 

Primarily for the classroom, professional caregiver and therapist environment, it is the use of a robot to engage children via quizzes, games, play and physical exercises to advance their social and learning skills. 

The humanoid robot’s proven effectiveness is drive by its technological construct, a construct that naturally attracts children. It helps create communication bridges with the child and between the child and the caregiver. These robots are easy to interpret, help reduce a child's anxiety, and minimizes the risks of over-stimulation. The robot never tires and never shows 'hidden' frustrations. 

Alarmingly, the number of children impacted by autism continues to grow. This means a lifetime of challenges as these children age and strive to become independent and self-supporting adults. Early intervention can have a significant positive impact on the shape and richness of their future. Having resources that help therapists, parents and teachers cope with the very real challenges that they jointly face, can also be a contributor to a family, home and a learning environment that is more calm, nurturing and progressive. 

I believe that the use of a robot in intervention therapy creates communication breakthroughs and lasting positive impact for children with autism. 

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