Prof. Momotaz Begum, University of New Hampshire,,

Momotaz Begum is an Assistant Professor in the Computer Science Department at the University of New Hampshire (UNH). She directs the Humanitarian Robotics Lab at the UNH. Momotaz’s research interest is in robot perception and learning within the context of humanitarian applications and human-robot interaction. She received her Ph.D. in 2010 from the University of Waterloo, Canada where she worked on visual attention for embodied robots at the Center for Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence. Momotaz worked as a Postdoctoral fellow at the Socially Intelligent Machines lab, Georgia Tech (2010-2011) and the Intelligent Assistive Technology and Systems Lab, University of Toronto (2012-2013). Prior to joining the University of New Hampshire, she was a Research Assistant Professor in the Computer Science department at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. Momotaz’s research is sponsored by NSF, AFRL, and IEEE.


Dr. Greg Firn, Dr. Gregory Firn is the Chief Operating Officer at RoboKind, LLC. His 34 years of work in education combined with his passion for working with underrepresented groups and improving their educational opportunities positions him uniquely to lead and support Robots4Autism and Robots4STEM to create and sustain life changing impact. Prior to joining RoboKind, Dr. Gregory Firn served as Superintendent of Schools, Deputy Superintendent, Executive Director, and Teacher, in school systems in Texas, North Carolina, Connecticut, Washington State, Nevada, and overseas. He served as a state Commissioner and Research Chair for the Northwest Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities that provided tremendous opportunities to study, advise, evaluate and accredit international schools and school systems. Grounded in the school effects research, Dr. Firn has been a pioneer in digital conversion where he twice led system wide digital transformation initiatives including the design and implementation of robust human capital development programs. An avid writer and speaker, Dr. Firn has written over 100 educational research abstracts published by Effective Schools Ltd. as well as presented to over 40 different conferences, workshops, and trainings on educational leadership, continuous improvement, school and school system transformation and specific innovations such as STEM, PBL, PLC, Progress Monitoring, Informing Assessing, and Digital Integration to Conversion to name just a few. Dr. Firn earned his doctorate from Seattle Pacific University where his research focused on learner-centered education. Originally from Tacoma, Washington, Dr. Firn is the product of the public school system including an undergraduate degree from Washington State University.


Richard Margolin is the Founder and Chief Technology Officer of RoboKind and over the past decade has developed some of the world’s most recognizable facially expressive and socially interactive robots. A serial entrepreneur and researcher, he studied cognitive and computational neuroscience at Trinity College and Mechanical engineering at the University of Texas at Arlington.  He has done research at the UT Southwestern Biotech and Informatics Lab developing neural networks to identify repeat patterns in DNA, University of Texas at Dallas NanoTech institute developing nanoscale sensors, UTARI developing underactuated control systems.  As the Director of engineering for Hanson Robotics he developed dozens of unique humanoid robots in collaboration with university groups studying human-robot interaction and autism.  He has worked with MIRA Labs at the University of Geneva, Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Airforce Research Labs among many others.  Richard was recently named as a Tech Titan Inventor of the year and was named to the Forbes Technology Council, Won Launch Festival Startup event as the Best Education company and the UCAHP North American Startup of the Year among other recent awards.  


Mike Radice is Chairman of the Technology Advisory Board for ChartaCloud Technologies and ChartaCloud Robotics. Mike has served in Executive and Board level leadership positions in technology services organizations for more than 40 years. He is a FNB Scholarship Award Winner and hold his undergraduate degree from LIU/C.W. Post College. Mike currently leads technology, discovery, adoption and development for the ChartaCloud group of companies. ChartaCloud is a provider of technology enabled healthcare solutions under the ChartaCares brand and robots and robot behavior software under the brand. ChartaCloud holds technology reseller and distribution relationships with 26 companies from around the world. Mike has been on the leadership teams of two successful IPOs one listed on NASDAQ and the other on the NYSE. Mike‘s past major projects include the sale and implementation of the electronic filing system for U.S. Income Tax Returns for the U.S. IRS; development of the leading utility billing system in the U.S. for the apartment rental industry; the deployment of a global telecommunications network to over 180 countries.

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