Socially Assistive Robots for Pediatric Hospitals

Hospitals and clinics can be a very scary place, especially for a child. Hospitals may be a place of healing, but to a child, hospitals mean needles, strangers in uniforms, mysterious equipment, boring wait times, and not feeling well. Socially Assistive Robots in Pediatric Hospitals make it all less frightening. Robotic technology for pediatric healthcare has taken an exciting leap forward. Robots can now serve as a pediatric pain coach, educator, and friend.


The importance of the role and skills of the child life specialist, those who assist children and families when they face the stark realities of hospital-based medical care, cannot be overstated. What limits would we want to be placed on the maximum care of mind, body, and spirit of children facing such a challenge? Socially assisted robots were immediately understood by leading child life specialists and their hospitals as a powerful augmentation resource that could truly make difference every day.


One only has to experience the joy and enthusiasm children have for their in-hospital robot companions to know that the impact is real. Whether it be playing games, enjoying dances, doing quizzes or yes, even listening to medical procedure explanations and on topic encouragement the result is a happier and calmer and more secure child and parents who are thankful for the difference the robot makes in their child's experience.

NAO can bring comfort to children during hospital stays and is available in 20 languages.

MEDi for Pediatric Hospitals

MEDi is a proven hero in Hospitals. MEDi includes a library of assisted medical care applications. MEDi's robot behaviors attract the child's attention and coach and support them with research based cognitive-behavioral interventions, and are sequenced to work at the right pace. Clinically proven to reduce a child's pain by up to 50% during medical procedures, the NAO robot is powered by specialized MEDi applications designed by a leading expert in the use of robotic-based cognitive behavioral interactions that help distract and engage children during medical procedures. 


Applications are customized to ensure that MEDi is appropriate for every situation and are available in English and Spanish. There are over twenty existing applications including:

Blood tests, Dressing changes, Oxygen tube insertion, Catheter insertion/removal, EEGIV Start/Removal, Swallow study, and Vaccinations


MEDi also performs entertaining activities to reduce anxiety levels in children and even their parents. MEDi sings, dances, tells stories and plays games, all of which are intended to help reduce the anxiety that precedes a pending procedure.

A sample of hospitals using MEDi today

Child Life, Alberta Children's Hospital

“A 5 year-old refused to get out of bed and was getting bed sores and rashes.  She did agree to play with MEDi on the floor.  This allowed staff to change the bedding and set it up properly.  She even forgot about her tubes and moved her arms and body.  It was like magic.”  

MEDI in Hospitals

ZORA for Pediatric Hospitals

ZORA will unlock the potential of your NAO and do more. ZORA allows you to create child engaging robot behaviors that meet your vision for pediatric care and do it fast and easy.  ZORA features three powerful aspects: an existing library of applications, behavior composing, and robot steering.  ZORA includes dozens of pre-programmed stories, dances, and games. Just press play and NAO comes to life.

To create your own applications, simply use the behavior composer to 'drag and drop' elements into your timeline. The behavior composer also includes dozens of pre-programmed movements.  The robot steering module uses a directional keypad and built-in video monitor to make the robot walk in any direction and stop him on demand.  ZORA makes the development of custom behaviors possible by non-technical users.

ZORA for Pediatric Hospitals

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