Socially Assistive Robots for Special Needs Education

NAO is a versatile robot, that is today helping STEM students of all ages from preschool to Grad School. With the advances in robot behavior software, NAO can play an additional vital role in Special Needs Education. Interactive, intuitive, friendly and designed to grab a student’s attention, win their trust, and keep them engaged. It is just not about knowledge. It is also about a learning experience that has personality, is positive and has the ability to inspire.

YEOLAB for Schools

Socially Assistive Robots are playing an ever-expanding role in the classroom of the 21st Century and will continue to do so. The needs for skills development in the age of robotics makes robot-assisted education an imperative.

Whether it be the formality of STEM programs engaging and energizing special needs students, YEOLAB brings that experience to life. 

The multi-student simultaneous engagement feature is unique to YEOLAB.

ChartaCloud Robotics LLC also offers and is located in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA. NAO is a product of SoftBank Robotics.

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