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The importance of the role and skills of the 'child life specialist', those who assist children and families when they face the stark realities of hospital-based medical care cannot be overstated. What limits would we want to be placed on the maximum care of mind, body, and spirit of children facing such a challenge? Socially assisted robots were immediately understood by leading child life specialists and their hospitals as a powerful augmentation resource that could truly make difference- every day.


One only has to experience the joy and enthusiasm children have for their in-hospital robot companions to know that the impact is real. Whether it be playing games, enjoying dances, doing quizzes or yes, even listening to medical procedure explanations and on topic encouragment the result is a happier and calmer and more secure child and parents who are thankful for the difference the robot makes in their child's expereience.



A Perfect Robot for Use in Pediatric Hospitals.


 Looking to get started? ZORA is an important advancement available to all. With ZORA, you can 'unlock' the potential of your robot and do more, and do it fast and easy. 


ZORA is built on three fundamental aspects: 

(1) an existing library of applications (2) behavior composing and (3) robot steering.


With ZORA, you receive dozens of pre-programmed stories, dances, and games. Just press play and watch your robot come to life. 


Do you want to create your own application? Simply use the composer to 'drag and drop' elements into your timeline. The composer also includes dozens of pre-programmed movements so you don't have to spend programming time creating them. 

It is so easy, anyone, even without technical expertise can program.


You also receive the steering module. Using a directional keypad and built-in video monitor you can now make the robot walk any direction you want and stop him on demand. Again, saving programming time. 

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